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Portal for your next event. Focusing great - even life changing - experiences for giving value to our lives. Made for all ages, all social backgrounds, most cultures, we try to improve your life stories. Xtr connects event hungry singles and families with happenings, meetings, actions and businesses that promote positive lifestyles. Everything for events. Feel invited to follow our lead as user and participant. Business and marketing may join in and offer services and adventures on this portal for events and awesome experiences banner

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The world of xtr events. Our daily lives are spiced up by experiences that promote us, that make our existence exciting and valuable. We need others to build our and others lives. You want to receive input? This is your source. You want to give what you have? Showcase what you have right here. Did you know that Russia hosted the largest orchestra? More than 8K instrument players and 20K singers at one place, one piece of music. Powerful. Take part in today´s trends of meetings, secure adventures from truly private to online and to public events with impact.
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Sources of eventful experiences

Ever wanted to know the best event manufacturer? Maybe not the biggest! As everyone has a different taste there is no super event for everyone. Do you know what? Maybe you are your own best experience?! Seriously. Stop waiting one someone and something to happen. Become the creator of awesome experiences. Connect with others for the same action that make others days and inspire your kids and other kids.
Our (future) GeoFndr delivers what happens in your neighbourhood, in your city and on your way. | Some brands help to get inspired. | Be assured, not all tips and links here are money based. It is our xtr fun to promote great ideas, socializing, friends-making meetups. Feel free to send personal invites and inspirations and get xtr promoted for free in return. We serve everyone, from luxury to low cost. The Namibia safari, the happy mother birthday street party, the NFT marketer online meeting and the dog owner beauty parade on Zoom.

Which brand is your favourite and why?

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Share moments & experiences

Event sharing is much appreciated. Inspire others doing the same or doing it better. Everybody is a story. Each family has a story and partners meet to become a story together. Honestly, creating real experiences is way better than watching fiction stories about fiction figures on a screen. You are invited to present your vlog/blog with lovely, exciting eventful adventerures. Gather a thankful and admiring audience around you and your project. You live in Africa: Great! You share from Vanuatu? Super! Awesomeness comes from Nepal? The better! We would love to see and experince what is happening in Mongolia this vast mysterious country. We will start with the Top10 each ten days.

Send us your experience or an inspiring story source.

Enriching experiences

You are not Mr or Ms/Mrs Everyday. You are an event in this world. You are not a passenger. You are a driver, a pilot, a maker. Once you have decided to not only consume but create your entire life perspective will change. Xtr wants to promote lifestyles for others. Doing things together makes life more affordable, richer and empowers others. We are not at your place but Xtr inspires you to do things smarter, with others and therefore influences your neighbourhood, community, region or even nation. A few "normals" suddenly became super famous.

Free tips en route

Our knowledge is that broad and our contributors are that reader/viewer oriented that you can always find free information in between.

Tips and hints get reward: Send your creations here, please!

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Business as an Event services

Event makers, creators are a huge part of our future if we use media as source of information and education. We already have the entertainment industry, but this makes us passive consumers leaving us kind of empty after consuming. Sharing, giving, crating gives meaning, relations and brings us closer to fullness of life. Grab a next great niche and jump on this adventure train sharing a laughter, a yummy experience for tongues and bellies; help others to cry and to be who they are.
We on the other side can help marketing your treasures. Why shouldn´t people from Ulaan Bator not understand what you experience in San Francisco or Rio deJaneiro?! Make yourself a know influencer in your niche and beyond. Find talents that offer what you wish to have on your shows or workshops. In this sense we can help each other marketing each other. Let the wealth flow and earn from your own fruits. Xtr has a business class we´s love to share abundantly. So there is a plenty of space for specific ads all over our nich pages.

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News streams as event

After the event is before it. Why? Successful gatherings, creative meetings, influential presentations inspire for the next one. Before or live is the deal. Take part in great actions, human adventures, extending experiences for many so that you practically become part of it.
Expect guides, live streams, stories before the success, free tips and more to take part in what matters.

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